Sunday, March 3, 2013

Easter Blessings

Easter is just around the corner making it's appearance on March 31st this year. I can't remember a time where it was so close to St. Patrick's Day.    

In designing these new cards, I was tempted to create a green rabbit for the front! An Irish rabbit? Well, at any rate, with the promise of Spring I found it was only fitting to stick with the traditional color of a chocolate brown rabbit.

Easter was originally a pagan holiday where people worshipped the goddess Eastre. Eastre was the goddess of fertility and springtime. Her symbol was the rabbit, now known as the Easter Bunny. Rabbits were also famous for being one of the most fertile animals, which is probably why a rabbit was picked as the symbol for a pagan holiday that celebrated fertility.

My favorite Easter candy is the jelly bean.  For me, the color of jelly beans represents all the wonderful colors of Spring flowers.

These Easter Love Notes, in pretty pastel colors, with brown accents, are the perfect card to place in a very special Easter basket.  Purchase them in a pack of 4 or buy them individually. No matter what color you choose, they will be beautiful amongst all the colorful jelly beans that our dear friend delivers on Easter morning.


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