Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wedding Love Notes

Love notes for the love birds

The definition of love birds is two people openly showing affection towards each other, and that's what these mini love note cards do.  You can't go wrong giving the new Mr. & Mrs. a special note card with love birds on the front.

With spring in the air and brides all over the world planning their upcoming weddings, these mini love notes are perfect for guests to attached to their beautiful package or hang one from a beautiful gift bag.

Many couples love to give a bit of advice or well wishes to the new couple and do not want to openly do that in the guest book they have placed on a guest table.  Consider the possibility of placing a Wedding Love Note at each place setting, having the couple write a simple sentiment and dropping their note into a beautifully decorated basket or jar for the bride and groom.

What fun it would be to sit with your partner and read each note while your having a morning cup of joe, a glass of wine at night in front of the fireplace, on a beach after your sunset wedding took place or after you'd been married for a month or two.

No matter what you choose to do, you can't go wrong by choosing these sweet little love birds to send the new couple a simple sentiment.  You just have to make the commitment and say "I Will".


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