Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Manila Envelope Journals

Whether you're into journaling, diaries, photo albums or any other form of mini albums, these sweet little notebooks are perfect for whatever use you have in mind.  

They are all designed using manila envelopes and scrapbook card stock papers.  Thoughtfully designed, these are perfect for a young lady in your life to house special memories.

A secret pocket in the front is perfect to store a love letter or special note from mom or dad, movie tickets from a special night out with a special boy, concert tickets after seeing her favorite band or any other item she wants to hang on to.

In our fast paced world where more and more electronics are coming into play, it's very nice to take time out of your day, reflect on special events in your life, sit back and write your thoughts down or just daydream as you look at your memorabilia you've collected over the last few months.

These are wonderful for a mother to give to her daughter, a father to give to a special God daughter, an aunt to a niece or a grandmother to a granddaughter.  The combinations can go on and on.  In today's society, young girls don't always feel that good about themselves.  Why not give a simple gift to tell that young girl in your family just how sensational she is, how special she is or how loved she is. We all need kind words every now and them to remind us just how wonderful each and every one of us really are.

Stop by Nellie and Ruth Designs to see more photos of your favorite Manila Envelope Journals.  You may just find what you're looking for, for that very special young lady in your life.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Luck of the Irish

Irish soda bread, Leprechauns, Jameson Irish Whiskey and green beer. That's what makes St. Patrick's Day a very festive holiday.

I don't think it matters what nationality you are, St. Patrick's Day is favored by everyone.  The number one symbol we all identify with on this special day is the four leaf clover.  Did you know one leaf is for FAITH, the second for HOPE, the third for LOVE and the fourth for LUCK.

In Irish tradition the Shamrock or 3-leaf Clover represents the Holy Trinity: one leaf for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit.  When a Shamrock is found with the fourth leaf, it represents God's Grace.  It's a universally accepted symbol of good luck and according to legend,  Eve carried a four leaf clover from the Garden of Eden.

Give a friend or loved one a little Faith, Hope, Love and Luck this St. Patrick's day by sending them a 'Shamrock Love Note' and remember this line Sir John Melton wrote in 1620 -

"If a man walking in the fields find any four-leaved grass, he shall in a small while after find some good thing."


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm Treasured

Black Velvet Treasury

My Happy Virtual Valentine Card

Treasury's on Etsy are a wonderful thing. If you are not familiar with them, this is how it works. Someone will create a small world featuring shop designer items. It's fun, it's a brilliant way of getting names and merchandise out there for everyone to see and I feel it's an honor when someone chooses something I have handmade with you in mind.

I have been a lucky girl this week, fore two individuals chose items from my shop to be featured in their treasury. I truly feel appreciated for what I do and cannot thank them enough for the recognition.

I have posted two treasury's for you to see. Click on Black Velvet Treasury above and then click on My Happy Virtual Valentine Card to check out all the wonderful items out there to be admired, oohed and aahed over and waiting to be purchased by someone special.  Enjoy and happy shopping!

Thank you GililifeCollection and studioct for choosing me as part of your collections. Visit their shops for more amazing, handmade items.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Manila Envelopes

I love the thought of new projects, especially when they involve paper. 

The papers shown below have been hand selected by me for a special book that is now in the making for a young girl between the ages of 9 and 16.  Young girls love diary's, journals, photo books and any other small book they can place their favorite things in.

Being the paperholic I am, I now know my love of scrapbooks, photo books, diary's and journals goes way back to when I was a girl of 13.  I so enjoyed pasting movie tickets into my scrapbook, writing down the names of my friends, their phone numbers, what we did, where we went and who was there.

I decided to create a line of Manila Envelope Journals, Diary's, Photo Albums or whatever else you may call them for young girls to put all their colorful dreams and adventures into.  The world we live in can sometimes bring a young girl to grow up way to fast.  What a wonderful gift for a mom to give to her daughter so she can go off to her own little quite place to journal her hopes and dreams, remember why she is so loved and so special, store a movie ticket from her first date or look at the photos of her and her friends. 

A wonderful keepsake book for your daughter, a granddaughter, niece or cousin to enjoy now and reflect upon when she is later married and has children of her own.

Manila Envelope Journal to arrive in store on or about February 14~


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Production Room

In one of my blogs from Reflections from the Tail, I wrote a piece titled - A Room With A View - talking about the window in my office and all I see when I look out over the landscape.

I now sit at a different desk most days, in the same room, but my view is now of rainbow colors where my imagination can run wild with creativity.

On this particular day, I was making 25 Mini Valentine Love Notes to be sent out for a very special customer.  How thoughtful it was of her to purchase these notes to give to some of her customers as a Thank You for the business they had brought her way.

This is why I create.  It's not only an outlet for me, but a way to put a smile on my customers face and the faces of others knowing joy will be spread throughout this wonderful world we live in.

There are days when no sales come my way. There are days when I become obsessed with what I am doing and let everything else go, and days when I get discouraged and ask myself if it's all worth it.

As you all know, patients is a virtue I do not possess, but I've come to realize, no matter what path my Etsy shop takes me on, I can't complain because it's all about the smiles. 


Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Jewels

Valentine's Day is for lovers, at least that's what Madison Avenue has led us to believe.  I think everyday is for lovers.  

New in the shop are these wonderful earrings that just happen to have a Valentine feel to them, but don't think of them only for that special day. They'd also be wonderful to take on a winter cruise to the Caribbean, the seashores of Florida, to be worn after you've taken your last run on the ski slopes or for any other occasion you might be thinking of.

Stop by to see the full line of jewelry at www.etsy.com/shop/NellieandRuthDesigns and see what's waiting to show off their sparkle and shine.