Friday, November 22, 2013

Elf off the Shelf

Many children are very familiar with Elf on the Shelf and participate in his everyday activities through the Christmas Season.

For those who are not familiar with this tradition, an Elf style doll makes himself present in a home (this item is usually purchased by a parent for their child) and each day a child will find him in a new spot of his house.  Some elves are mischievous, getting into mom's baking four, making a mess of the sock drawer or taking ornaments off the Christmas Tree and playing with the glass balls or handmade items. Other elves are more quiet and like to hide in odd places for children to find him.

The only elf in my world is the elf I call Miss Barb. Miss Barb's Christmas Season has already started in my craft room.  Special orders have been placed, and filled, for Manila Envelope Photo Journals, gift tags, Christmas Love Notes and Wedding Party Love Notes for a special Winter Wedding.  Christmas Cards have been created and with a joyful sentiment nestled inside.

Elves are a big part of the Christmas Season, helping Santa make the toys and putting finishing touches on many special items. I'd make Santa proud if I worked in his Toy Shop on the North Pole.  I now know how his Elves feel at the end of the work day, tired,  physically and mentally, some days overwhelmed but totally satisfied and happy knowing someone special will enjoy a new item from Nellie and Ruth Designs.

Clothespin Gift Tags

Snowmen Gift Tags

Charles Dickens Style Christmas Cards

Manila Envelope Christmas Photo Journal

Interior Page of Photo Journal for 4 x 6 photos and 3 x 5 phtos

So remember this, the next time you are looking for an Elf to help you out this Holiday Season, stop by Nellie and Ruth Designs on Etsy. I'm sure you'll be able to find just the right gift for the person in your life.