Monday, April 7, 2014

Finding Treasure

I really enjoy creating a 'Treasury' on Etsy. For those who aren't familiar with Treasuries I'll explain what they are.

A Treasury is when you feature artists and their work, so shoppers are able to see all the unique items that are for sale on Etsy.  With thousands of artists out there, it's sometimes hard for people to figure out just what they are looking for.  Like Pinterest, you can spend hours on Etsy, but when you seek out and explore all the different Treasuries people create, it sometimes narrows down items and helps the buyer find a shop they may not have run across if they were just casually browsing.

Everyone wants to be on the 'Front Page' of Etsy and through you accomplish that through a Treasury. I've never been on the front page and I'm always hoping my picks will catch an eye and they'll choose my items to be front and center, but believe me, it's hard.

I most enjoy it when I go back to see how many views I've had, how many clicks my Treasury has received and how many people have 'favored' it.  I'm thrilled when an item comes up missing from my Treasury, that means someone out there purchased the item.

Through the process of creating a Treasury I have not only peeked into others stores, but I myself have found items to purchase and other shop keepers have found me and made purchases in my store.  It's a wonderful way to not only introduce other stores but for people to stop in your shop to see what you have to offer.

I have incorporated the link to each Treasury so click on them and it will take you into the world of Etsy. You can then look around at other Treasuries, click on one of my pictures to see the item up close and personal and find so many beautiful items you may not have ever seen before.  Enjoy and have a very creative day, I hope I've put a smile on your face ~

Peace & Love,

Sunday, April 6, 2014

No More Shoeboxes

How many people save shoe boxes? Are you one of those people who throw your cards in a shoe box?  I have to admit, I do and then they get thrown in the cellar or the attic, often forgotten about, only to be found years later.

I recently had a request for a Wedding Card Album.  I wasn't sure what it was and I'm grateful to my customer for sending me a photo from Pinterest. I fell in love with this item and knew I needed to incorporate it in my shop.

When I get a special order, I go above and beyond to give my customer what they want.  I found out my customer's future sister-in-law loves Tiffany, what women doesn't like items from Tiffany? I decided then I wanted to use a blue paper to match the color blue that Tiffany uses for their boxes.  Low and behold, I did find Tiffany Blue card stock and ordered it right away.

If you're crafty, this is a DIY project you can make yourself.  For those who haven't a clue, the time, or the patience to create a Wedding Card Album, you can find them in my shop for a very reasonable price.

I am grateful my customers give me creative license when it comes to projects.  A lovely girl contacted me wanting 3 albums. She requested one album have the initials of her and her fiancĂ© on the top half of the album and the other 2 albums were to be left blank at the top. She had such a lovely photo of her and her fiancĂ© on her Etsy site I wanted to incorporate that into one of her books, making it very special for her.

When shipped, the ribbon is wrapped around the album for safe travels and the Bride can then tie her bow once the album has been filled with her Wedding Cards.
Getting to know my customer can be a challenge at times. but the more info they send me I can really get into the grove. Both of these customers sent me images of their bouquets, the colors of their wedding, the Bridesmaids dress, their boards from Pinterest, etc.

These albums are a wonderful way to store your cards and display them for years to come without being hidden away in an old box collecting dust.

Peace & Love,

REVIEW from my customer::
I absolutely LOVE these customized wedding card albums! I wasn't sure what I wanted and she totally guided me and created works of art! The attention to detail is apparent and I can't wait to fill them up and display them. The packaging was beautiful as well that they were shipped in I was so impressed. I highly recommend this seller and will definitly be ordering again!