Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little Bit of Love

Small, sweet and compact. These mini Love Notes are perfect if you want to give just a little bit of love to someone special.

Many people say, "It's the little things you do, that make me feel special" and a itty bitty note filled with words of love would definitely make someone feel special.

Gifts of love come in all shapes and sizes, just like these notes, however, many gifts come in very small packages. When you're giving jewelry, the box is often tiny. A small porcelain figurine comes in a little box. Sweet treats are placed in a small box or bag. So why are we attaching large greeting cards to these gifts?  

A mini Love Note will not overpower the gift you are giving, it will only enhance your gift. By giving your loved one a mini Love Note, they will see just how special they are because of the little things you do for them.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

May I Please Have a Note?

The invoice for a sale I recently had came through with a request that read, "Could you please sent this to ..... with a note that says Happy Anniversary from ......." My response back to that customer, "I'll make up a nice card to send along with the Love Notes."

What most people don't know is this, when you purchase an item from my shop as a gift and is being sent to another address, I'll always create a card for the occasion.  I'm definitely into customer satisfaction.  

I've never been a fan of sending someone a present directly though a mail order merchant and then having to send a separate card in the mail (the card will never show up at the same time the package does) or phoning the recipient and telling them, "Hey, your Birthday present is coming from so and so, make sure you look for the package in the mail." How impersonal is that?

So, if you're thinking about purchasing a gift from my shop for a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, or any other occasion that is being sent to an address, other than your own, please make sure you ask for a card to go along with your gift. It really does complete the purchase and make your experience a truly pleasant one.

Happy Shopping !!