Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Manila Envelope Journals

Whether you're into journaling, diaries, photo albums or any other form of mini albums, these sweet little notebooks are perfect for whatever use you have in mind.  

They are all designed using manila envelopes and scrapbook card stock papers.  Thoughtfully designed, these are perfect for a young lady in your life to house special memories.

A secret pocket in the front is perfect to store a love letter or special note from mom or dad, movie tickets from a special night out with a special boy, concert tickets after seeing her favorite band or any other item she wants to hang on to.

In our fast paced world where more and more electronics are coming into play, it's very nice to take time out of your day, reflect on special events in your life, sit back and write your thoughts down or just daydream as you look at your memorabilia you've collected over the last few months.

These are wonderful for a mother to give to her daughter, a father to give to a special God daughter, an aunt to a niece or a grandmother to a granddaughter.  The combinations can go on and on.  In today's society, young girls don't always feel that good about themselves.  Why not give a simple gift to tell that young girl in your family just how sensational she is, how special she is or how loved she is. We all need kind words every now and them to remind us just how wonderful each and every one of us really are.

Stop by Nellie and Ruth Designs to see more photos of your favorite Manila Envelope Journals.  You may just find what you're looking for, for that very special young lady in your life.


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