Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Production Room

In one of my blogs from Reflections from the Tail, I wrote a piece titled - A Room With A View - talking about the window in my office and all I see when I look out over the landscape.

I now sit at a different desk most days, in the same room, but my view is now of rainbow colors where my imagination can run wild with creativity.

On this particular day, I was making 25 Mini Valentine Love Notes to be sent out for a very special customer.  How thoughtful it was of her to purchase these notes to give to some of her customers as a Thank You for the business they had brought her way.

This is why I create.  It's not only an outlet for me, but a way to put a smile on my customers face and the faces of others knowing joy will be spread throughout this wonderful world we live in.

There are days when no sales come my way. There are days when I become obsessed with what I am doing and let everything else go, and days when I get discouraged and ask myself if it's all worth it.

As you all know, patients is a virtue I do not possess, but I've come to realize, no matter what path my Etsy shop takes me on, I can't complain because it's all about the smiles. 


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