Sunday, February 10, 2013

Manila Envelopes

I love the thought of new projects, especially when they involve paper. 

The papers shown below have been hand selected by me for a special book that is now in the making for a young girl between the ages of 9 and 16.  Young girls love diary's, journals, photo books and any other small book they can place their favorite things in.

Being the paperholic I am, I now know my love of scrapbooks, photo books, diary's and journals goes way back to when I was a girl of 13.  I so enjoyed pasting movie tickets into my scrapbook, writing down the names of my friends, their phone numbers, what we did, where we went and who was there.

I decided to create a line of Manila Envelope Journals, Diary's, Photo Albums or whatever else you may call them for young girls to put all their colorful dreams and adventures into.  The world we live in can sometimes bring a young girl to grow up way to fast.  What a wonderful gift for a mom to give to her daughter so she can go off to her own little quite place to journal her hopes and dreams, remember why she is so loved and so special, store a movie ticket from her first date or look at the photos of her and her friends. 

A wonderful keepsake book for your daughter, a granddaughter, niece or cousin to enjoy now and reflect upon when she is later married and has children of her own.

Manila Envelope Journal to arrive in store on or about February 14~


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