Saturday, March 9, 2013

Boudoir Blessings

We all want a healthy, happy and lively marriage.  After being married for almost 30 years, I'm still trying to find ways to keep the intimate time with my husband spicy.  Being married for such a long time, you tend to fall into the same old routine with your spouse.  All women, I don't care who you are, how old you are or how long you've been married, all need a little help from time to time coming up with new do's and don'ts in the bedroom, or any room!

What a perfect gift for the bride-to-be, Boudoir Blessing Cards.  Many couples purchase Wedding Wish Cards so their guests can write them a wonderful wish for a happy marriage.  That's great, however, why not spice things up a bit and have all the women at your bridal shower write the bride-to-be, along with the groom,  Do's and Don'ts in the boudoir for a very SEXsational and SEXsessful marriage.

These are also great for a bachelorette party as well.  Over the years I've had plenty of drinks with my girlfriends, it's amazing the things I've learned from them on how to spice up my time with my husband.  Every now and then, it would be wonderful for the newlyweds to pick a card, see what advice their friend has given them and plan something new for their time alone.

How many times has your husband crawled into bed with his socks on? A definite don't.
How many times has your husband turned on too many lights in the bedroom? A definite don't.
Sometimes we have to be remembered that the bedroom closet isn't just for hanging up our clothes and housing our shoes.

Boudoir Blessing Cards can be a couples best friend.  No need for therapy sessions, self help books or tapes.  All you need is a little anonymous advice from your friends and a whole lot of love!  Stop by my Etsy shop and pick up a set for your girlfriend, she'll love you for it.


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