Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Paper Garden In Full Bloom

I must admit, this Manila Envelope Gardening Photo Journal makes a perfect gift for a loved one or to keep for yourself holding all your wonderful gardening photos, seed packets, plastic flower tags, newspaper or magazine articles, brochures or any other item you want for a keepsake.

I have published each page for your viewing. In my Etsy shop, you can only post 5 photos, that is not enough to get the overall feel of my work or what you would be getting if you were to purchase this book. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and I invite you to take a walk through this beautiful garden.

Front Cover
Inside Page - Note how the left hand side has an overlay page that swings open to the left. The white spaces are for photos of your garden, special flowers, family members or however you want to use this book.
3 Dimensional nature embellishments are throughout the book for depth and interest. Butterflies and birds are constantly in gardens and you will find both on many pages. 
I love adding accents to photos. I feel they add a little more interest to the overall photo. Here a 3D bird sits amongst  beautiful blossoms.
I decided with this book to add more journaling pages. The inside, front cover, opens up into even more space for just that. The decorative tea paper shown above was too pretty to cover up for photos. I love the idea of someone making notes on this paper in-between all the cup of tea sayings. The overlay opens to the left and contains two small flaps to journal and there is a secret pocket however you'd like to use it.
Small tags for notes
Each page is labeled with a month tag. Small embellishments of bird postcards enhance the small envelopes housing journaling tags.
Each item has been inked to make these items appear old and distressed. I am a very detailed person and love creating eye catching details to each page.
I have pulled a tag to show the size - these measure right around 2.5 inches by 3 inches 
I enjoy stenciling and have created a 5 x 7 Garden Notes using a beautiful bird cage scene. The small brown notebook tied together with beautiful ribbon opens for more writings 
Notebook contains 4 pages
A garden saying adorns the front
Again, I have created an extra page insert for photos and journaling. 
Mixing papers gives books depth and interest. These papers all coordinate and look beautiful together. The month tags were made from scraps, along with the flowers that attach to them.
I always try to add a saying on vellum paper somewhere in the book. In my Christmas albums I use many more to really set the mood. I felt the small bird and fruit embellishments could do that in this book.
Glassin bags are wonderful to house photos or notes. I have added 5 x 6.5 inch notes, which have garden quotes on them, inside each bag. The tags of happiness keep the bags in place and can be moved to turn the glassine bags from page to page.
Small tags are placed on the bags for more note taking 
I love tutorials and found a wonderful one to create this 6 x 6 inch photo holder. This is cool for the small flap stays down with a craft magnet. It's sturdy and you can store 3 x 5 photos inside.
Close up of top flap and coordinating paper 
Beautiful glitter embellishments to accent plain papers
A small bird is ready to fly up and take that wonderful, delicious piece of fruit right from the tree.
Wherever you see a paper clip, take it off and you can use your page like a traditional manila envelope to store larger items in. These are great for 5 x 7 photos, newspapers articles, thin magazines, etc.
I love adding tags to journal on behind a photo spot. This way, you can journal about the photos without writing all over your page.
I love these stand alone photo holders. These are made from one piece of paper, folded in a way to create a wonderful pocket folder. I have placed interior cards that can be pulled out, using the ribbon, to journal on. If you don't want to journal on them, you can add photos or whatever else you like. Maybe a pressed leaf from your garden.
Journaling paper that sits inside the pocket folder.
Above are the two pocket folders with gardening embellishments 
Each pocket folder has a place for photos or other items you want to keep.

No matter how you use this Gardening Journal, it will bring great joy to you or a loved one. They will have a gift that no one else has for I never create the same journal, each one, like my children have their own personality, design, flair, color and interest.

Each time I create a book, I always say how this one is my favorite, so I have a lot of favorite albums. I never create a photo journal I wouldn't use myself and have decided when I do create one, I always keep in mind that if it doesn't sell in my shop, I can use it down the road or save it for my future daughter in law. When an album does go to a new owner, I am very happy and sad at the same time.

Just like a garden, I create a design I get excited about working with, I sow these books with great love, enjoy choosing papers and color that flow just like the flowers I place in my garden and sit back and admired each page as it appears in full bloom.

I hope these photos help you decide if this book is right for you or a loved one and if not, I love to take on custom work, creating a very special book for you or a family member. Thank you for walking through my Manila Envelope Garden Photo Journal with me.

Happy Gardening ~


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