Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Paper Garden

Photo Journaling you garden from April - October

I have found I love creating these manila envelope photo journals for my shop. This particular design is for a person who really loves their gardens as well as the birds who visit each day. I'll be posting on a regular basis the progress of this book. I think it's important for my potential customers to have a good idea what the inside of my books look like. 

I have a tendency, like most people, to create what I like and hope I have touched the heart of another who thinks like me. To me that's a very scary idea; I can't imagine anyone who thinks like me. But if you do, you are living a wonderful life allowing very little to get in your way.

This photo journal is more about journaling than it is about the photos. Oh believe me, there are lots of places to place your photos, but being a gardener myself, there is a lot to write down each month. What flowers have bloomed, what small little critters may be invading or just visiting, when you fertilized or just to write your own thoughts of poetry or what have moved you while sitting in your garden.

The above photos are of the first two pages. The above page shows a secret pocket, small flaps for more notes and two pages where you can write your thoughts and notes. I had a really hard time covering up the Tea paper with 4 x 6 photo spots, so I'm leaving it just as you see it for the new owner to do as they like. The papers in this journal are absolutely beautiful.

In this photo journal, I am also creating all kinds of small little notebooks in it for quips and personal quotes and notes. As I create more and more books, I'm finding I'm becoming a bit more creative. I love all the books I create, even the simpler ones. I find there are those who like a really simple book, a book with more photos than journaling, more places to journal and less photos; but whatever your style, I'm sure I'll have a book for you.

I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen and I'll be posting more photos as I go along. Be sure to stop in my shop to see all the new items I've been listing.

Happy Gardening this Summer ~


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