Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of School

The first day of school is so exciting, for most kids.  They have to put on the right outfit, their hair has to be styled just so and stomachs are filled with butterflies.  

Teachers gear up to for all the new students who will be walking through their classroom door.  They will hear new stories, some true and some not so true, they will see big smiles and will encounter a few tears.  Elementary school teachers create the foundation for our youth who will mature into fine young adults entering the middle and high school.

Mrs. McKenna is one of those special elementary, 2nd grade school teachers.  She truly cares about and for her students and helps them every step of the way during the school year.  Kim contacted me to help her put together a special first day of school package.  

She wanted a postcard for her students so she could write a special message to each boy and girl welcoming them to her classroom. These postcards measure 3 x 5 inches, the backside is stamped with the traditional 'postcard' emblem.

Being a huge reader and knowing how much 2nd graders read, I suggested bookmarks for each child. These were run through a printer, hand stamped and then laminated for protection of spilled milk, snotty sneezes, dirty fingers from the playground and chocolate from a Little Debbie cupcake !!

I think Mrs. McKenna's children had a wonderful first day of school. They are lucky to have her.


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