Friday, December 6, 2013

A New Way to Wrap

When it comes to time wrap a special gift for your loved one, consider having a special 9 x 12 envelope made. We all think about gift bags, boxes and bubble wrap, however, there are many items we give that need a special package to place them in.  We live in a very busy world and often do not have the time to spend wrapping or standing in a store trying to find the 'perfect' gift bag for your loved one. Everything is mass produced with no personal touch other than the card you place inside your gift bag.

These envelopes are wonderful for 8 x 10 family portraits, a running or craft magazine, a thin novel or paperback, gift certificates, a special thank you letter to a co-worker or for your boss.

Consider creating a keepsake envelope to store your Christmas cards in, letters from your husband, son or daughter who might be away serving our Country or mementos from a special trip you took.

Think of all the wonderful events you attend. Whether it be a Baby Shower, Wedding, Bridal Shower, a family gathering, your child's classroom party, a Confirmation, Baptism, First Communion, Anniversary, Bar Mitzvah or any other special moment. These wonderful, beautiful, handmade envelopes may just fit your need.

Enjoy your Holidays &
Warm Wishes to Everyone,

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